CRM and Sales Support

AShop comes with a system for customer relationship management and sales support. It has a separate login and can be used by multiple users. Your sales reps can login to handle email contact with customers with the built-in webmail, access complete customer history in one place, create quotes or send bills that are payable online through the shopping cart. Since everything is connected to the same database and uses the same payment options as the shopping cart, you can use this to keep track of the sales for a whole company in one system.

This feature is perfect for a business that sells both online and, for example, by phone or postal mail contact, or if the company sells both products at fixed prices and products/services that are priced individually for each customer.

CRM Sales Support

No extra fees are required to use this system, it is included from the start, though you can of course choose if you want to use it or not.

CRM and sales support features:

Multiple users/sales reps Check   Quotes with both products from the shopping cart and custom products Check
Billing with payment link for online payment Check   Buil-in webmail with permission based spam protection Check
Customer history: see messages, sales and comments for a customer Check   Handle contacts with multiple vendors Check
One single system for selling both online and offline Check   Automatic recurring billing: send invoices for subscriptions Check