Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing means that you offer other websites commission on sales that go through their links to your store. Only sales they have brought you will give them commission. By only paying for marketing that really results in sales, this can be a very cost effective way to promote your products.

AShop includes a complete system for managing this type of marketing. A person who runs a website, a blog or a newsletter can sign up with your affiliate program through AShop's built-in signup form, thereby becoming one of your affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing

They will then get access to their own link codes that they can easily copy and paste into their web pages. Every time a sales is made to a customer who arrived at your store through an affiliate's link, AShop will automatically keep track of this and calculate how much commission your affiliate is entitled to. Both you and your affiliates have access to this information and you can manage payments of the commissions through the AShop admin panel.

This system is included at no extra cost when you buy AShop, but you can of course decide for yourself if you want to use it or now. To get started with affiliate marketing in AShop is very easy, everything is available from the start when your AShop is installed.

Affiliate Features:

Automatic calculation of commissions that can be set for each prodct separately Check   Affiliates can read statistics on clicks, sales and commissions Check
Affiliates can earn commission from recruiting other affiliates in an unlimited number of tiers Check   Customer details can be shared with affiliates, though only if the shop owner has activated Leads Sharing Check
Two levels of commission: normal and upgraded Check   The shop owner can read statistics on all affiliates in the admin panel Check
Manage links, banners and advertisements Check   Payment of commissions can be initiated directly from the admin panel Check
Website replication for creating personalized sales pages and more Check   Discounts can be associated with affiliates Check
Manual referral codes for offline referrals Check   Affiliates can contact their downline Check