AShop Software

AShop started out as one of the first Swedish ebook stores in the year 2000. This store was way ahead of its time and never became a success, the software that was made to run the store became much more popular though.

The first version of AShop was published as a free open source software at Sourceforge in 2001, where it can still be downloaded. This was then one of the worlds first systems that combined a shopping cart with functions for affiliate marketing.

Early in 2002 an American company, Webco Inc, found this software and decided to launch a commercial version of it. AShop has since then been sold to hundreds of businesses world wide, though mainly in the USA and Canada. The development has always been done, and still is, by the original Swedish developer. The sales and marketing has been taken over by Russel Stutely Productions, a company most well known for its informational martial arts products.

With over ten years of development AShop has grown into a solid and advanced system with lots of useful features for selling online. Since 2002 it has been sold as a licensed software, which can be installed on a web site, and this is still how it works. This way our customers can take their shopping cart with them even if they change hosting providers.

AShop Software can also offer services such as customizations of the software, development of new software and web design.

Internet evens out the possibilities for small and large businesses by making it possible to run a successful company without huge investments. Our philosophy is to support this, by making available the technology that is needed, at the lowest price on the market, without compromising with functionality or usability.